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A Spanish Conversation Course that Works

Spanish that Works is a highly effective course in Latin American or Mexican conversational Spanish that empowers students to speak with friends, customers, employees, or while traveling.  You can use the course for staff trainings, workshops, conversation classes, or to supplement a curriculum you already use.

Easy, Hands-on Materials for Conversational Spanish

The course text is available on Amazon for individuals or on short-run order for instructors and organizations looking for an easy, hands-on textbook for conversational Spanish. There are supplemental materials and group pricing options for teachers and employers doing staff trainings.

Spanish for the Workplace - Materials to Train Staff

For workplace Spanish, the curriculum can be customized with ready-to-go materials for librarians, school teachers, city court employees, or community members – or with specialty word lists you generate for your group as the class is in progress. Spanish that Works™ can be completed in eight weeks (sixteen hours), and may be adapted to more intensive workshops.

Use in the Classroom or in your Community

Classroom teachers use Spanish that Works™ as the backbone for a conversational course or to provide guided practice within a traditional academic framework. Independent instructors use Spanish that Works™ materials to run their own business teaching conversational Spanish. Churches use Spanish that Works™ to teach practical Spanish for mission trips to Latin America and for community service and outreach at home.

Spanish that Works Course Materials for Organizations, Teachers, and Learners

Conversation Course Text Workbooks

Group pricing available for short-run orders. Create a a free account at TeachersPayTeachers.com and contact Spanish that Works via The Learning Light Store.

Spanish that Works Downloadable Handouts, Specialty Vocabulary Modules & Teacher Resources

Create a free account at TeachersPayTeachers.com and visit The Learning Light Store. Reproducible specialty vocabulary modules are available for library (library things, places, and people) and community (basic food, travel items, people and places).

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Spanish that Works Video Lessons

Visit the SpanishThatWorksORG YouTube channel for free video lessons on how to pronounce Spanish and talk about basic things in conversation.

Contact information is available on The Learning Light Store on the TeachersPayTeachers website.

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